Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Breaking News

In the last 48 hours, an event has taken place in Mumbai which can have long-term repercsussions. It has been a year now that Maity has been looking for a place. He wanted to move out of his Worli place and finally, like a true Bollywood scriptwriter has moved to Bandra.

Bandra! The dream suburb, cool 'joints', happening people, proximity to the sea, a quaint Goan/Christian culture and now Maity's home. It's a 2 BHK apartment. But Maity will use only 1B. And the other B is (drumroll) is shared by two girls...one works in an NGO and the other is an aeronautical engineer.

Okay. Repercussions.
1. Dadu's biye gets postponed.
2. Ronnie decides look further.

1. Mac: Guru ebaar amaake ektu pass barao!

Monday, April 10, 2006

22nd floor: The Bong

Since the subject has turned to mod mangsho and maagi, here's an anecdote on the idiosyncrasies of the Bong language. The author Sanjeeb Chatterjee says:
"Like in all languages, it is completely natural for a Bong to ask, "Apnar koto chelemeye?" (How many children do you have?). However, a slight interchange of a few words can give the question a whole new meaning. Like "Apnar kota meyechele?