Thursday, October 26, 2006


The verdict is out. The new Don stinks. Forget comparing it to the original. The remake is an insipid, cold, hammy and flawed piece of work by a director who demonstrated so much promise with his first film. The film is and looks like the spoiled creation of the son of an over-indulgent father. The plot twists do not make sense and are quite heavy-handedly executed. Why the hell does Boman Irani suddenly start monologing in the sequence before Interval? And he looks quite unfit for a top cop. Not to mention, too cute for a super-villain. Actually, you actually feel sorry for the guy as he gets beaten up in the last scene.

FA tries a Ang Lee-like scene-in-scene treatment in some of the sequences. For what? Only he knows. (Ang Lee's treatment was a reverse homage to the original medium of Hulk. Comic Books.)

As for SRK, he gives a brilliant performance as SRK. Not Don.

FA, stick to your South Bombay tomes. Tales like Don are best left to indulgent dads.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Most blogs have the words "random", "musings", "ruminations", "haphazard", "arbitrary", "deliberate", in their names.

Shundi, on the other hand, is a carefully cultivated exercise in laziness.